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Supermarket Entrance Gate Release
2020-8-15 10:28:56

Emeno is here to provide you with the best supermarket retail security solution for your business. Emeno EAS anti-theft antennas for loss prevention, entrance gate for movement control and people counter for stores management.

ST100 is designed for supermarket entrance. The device installed at the main entrance will automatically open when the customer enter into the lane or with trolley. The radaror IR sensor detect the coming customer, then open the barrier. If the customer come
from inside the supermarket, the device will not open to stop the customer exit at the entrance. It can help the supermarket to manage the flow direction.

  • High quality stainless steel cabinet with elegant design
  • Radar or IR sensor ditection, controlled by MCU
  • Adjustable time out delay
  • Easy and simple installation process, easy to maintain
  • DC brushless motor and mechnism, long life cycle

EAS Anti-theft System AM Deactivator & Soft Label EAS Accessories Entrance Gate People Counter
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