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Christmas Eve Celebration—Emeno Team
2020-12-24 15:35:28

Christmas Eve 2020 comes after a year of rain and wind. In order to better feel the strong Christmas atmosphere, Emeno team has decorated the scene elaborately. Although it is a festival spread from overseas, it is still full of temptation: rich food and fruit, delicious wine. Accompanied by the sound of laughter and merry Christmas carols, everyone has fun, which adds a festive atmosphere for Christmas, further enriches the company's corporate culture, and makes the team more cohesion.

This moment is the time of happiness to share; It's the time when you think of your good friend; It’s a time of blessing and care; It's a time to hope your dreams come true! When the holy snow in the sky drift, on Christmas Eve, may Noah's ark can send sincere greetings. Merry Christmas and wish all the best in 2021.

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