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Emeno | Newly EAS Installation Case Of AM9600 In Hong Kong
2023-5-3 15:05:05

Recently, Emeno successfully helped a clothing store in Hong Kong to install our EAS AM anti-theft device. The customer expressed satisfaction with the anti-theft performance of Emeno system. Based on the actual door width and area of the store, the customer in Hong Kong chose EAS AM9600 narrow frame system this time. For this model, it is not only small for the overall volume of the system and does not take up space, but also the transparent mirror effect of acrylic is consistent with that of the clothing store. The decor is very versatile.

Since the customer's store has already been decorated, they dont cut grooves this time, but customized a 10-meter connecting cable, which was routed directly from the wall to connect master and slave antennas. This method minimized the construction and ensured the store's overall appearance.

In addition, because Emeno EAS AM anti-theft system is equipped with a complete remote debugging function, no matter what happens to the equipment, we can contact timely to help customers solve problems in the first place. That is also one of the reasons Emeno are popular in various regions of the world. The stability of antenna performance can help customers effectively prevent theft of goods, and the professional technical team can make customers worry-free after sales. Emeno has been committed to providing reliable products and first-class services.

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