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Emeno| What Are The Advantages Of Installing People Counter In Supermarkets?
2023-6-8 13:44:48

The advantages of installing people counter in supermarkets are very obvious. In the past, many large supermarkets may analyze the heat of products by people, and now people counting system can solve this problem well. So, what are the advantages of using people counting system in supermarkets?  


Advantage 1: Accurate analysis of passenger traffic in each period

People counter can accurately count the customer flow of each period, such as one hour, one day, and help merchants accurately analyze the customer flow.

Advantage 2: Accurate analysis of passenger flow and consumption ratio

Large customer flow often hides a huge consumer group. If there is a large customer flow but consumption does not rise, merchants can analyze the reasons why customers do not consume when they enter the store in people counting system, such as price, product placement, insufficient promotion or other factors, and timely adjustment can be made to find solutions.

Advantage 3: Mobile phone, PC real-time view passenger flow data

Using the cloud data collection and analysis system, businesses can view daily passenger flow data on mobile devices and PC, and mobile phones can realize cross-regional viewing and management, which is convenient for businesses to know the situation in real time when they are on business trips.

Use people counter to help supermarkets accurately analyze passenger flow, make marketing plan for passenger flow analysis, seize customer demand and create more profit space.

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